More Songs About Animals and TV

by Alligator Indian

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Coalescing on the citrus-encrusted concrete of Central Florida, Alligator Indian’s shift in style has continually coincided with founders Christian Church and Spooky Bubble’s relocations. Arriving in Orlando after a life in the sleepy beach town of Melbourne, the pair began collaborating while studying classical voice and soon saw themselves combining sugary pop with sound collage. Upon graduation, they journeyed north, settling into a bedbug-infested brownstone in Brooklyn. The very chaos that eventually drove them away from the city first compelled them to find new purpose in their art, and it was in their high-topped hovel that they began capturing their surreal pop and releasing it to the public. Though invigorated by its bustle, the pace of life in New York left the group fatigued and feeling unfulfilled in their urge to be part of a community of artists starting from the ground up. Idyllic visions of the mountains of North Carolina in their heads, Spooky and Christian went south to the solace of Asheville. With a new sense of purpose, Alligator Indian swiftly shifted from blissed-out noise pop to a ritualistic form of modern trance sitting comfortably between the visceral pulse of dance and the cerebral headspace of the avant-garde. It is in this very spirit that Alligator Indian bring you their latest EP, More Songs About Animals and TV, out now digitally and on cassette from Bleeding Gold Records.

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released September 17, 2013

All songs written, recorded, produced, and mixed by Alligator Indian at The Reptile Reservation, Asheville, NC.

Mastered by Warren Hildebrand //

Artwork and cassette layout by Zach Smith //

Cassettes pressed by M2COM //

All songs licensed exclusively by Bleeding Gold Records, San Diego, CA

All songs are © Erao, 2017

All content is © Alligator Indian and Bleeding Gold Records, 2017




Alligator Indian Asheville, North Carolina

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Track Name: Corpsing
Sanctuary time, a following of the false, the heart, the blind
Sink into the mind, robotic urges in disguise
Exist to please the divine created in their mind

Resemble love and lies following across the Nile
Hovering eyes will pressure us until we shine
Starve the sands of time, the pharaohs always take what's mine
To the days of old, cursing our ideas of gold

When you fall apart, know that it's your fault
Pull yourself back up and smile again for me
Track Name: PUF//FIN
I was waiting in the backseat, while she looked at the ocean
I lost her watching the sunrise coming in

Now she's out on her own, I'll have to wait for the moonlight
I passed the time talking to the penguins on the shore

Soft laugh from the lighthouse, now I'm standing in my front yard
The door is open and the moonlight's pouring out

See creepy crawlers come out my over
Mother says I shouldn't eat them but I really love 'em
Anything that's gooey and slimy, I just wanna have it inside me

I was waiting in the backseat, while she looked at the ocean
I lost her watching the sunrise coming in

Soft laugh from the lighthouse, now I'm standing in my front yard
The door is open and the moonlight's pouring out

Well I was waiting at the back door, walking up to the station
Waiting for the moonlight to pull in

But she was riding the ocean, must've waited a year or
Maybe I was just dreaming

She said she'd be on the ocean
She was riding the ocean
She was right in the ocean
She was waiting right in the ocean
Track Name: Later, Data Dog
Flying forever in search of enemies
To save the sake of your name
Life as we know has ventured down below
Ignoring the vastness of space

Carefully, carefully speak to me in binary,
You will never find me

Connecting, connecting, find a way to say your name
Please don't forget me

Caramel glow from the planet down below.
Humans cannot relate
And so we float out to places unknown,
Lost forever in space

Carefully, carefully take into captivity,
You will never find me

Connecting, connecting virtual realities
Please don't forget me

Off we roam
No wind blows

Arm of chrome
Heart of gold