Spring I'm In

by Alligator Indian

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Though rising and thriving in the sun-soaked swamps of Central Florida and briefly huddling in the bed-bug infested tombs of Brooklyn, Alligator Indian weren’t truly forged until Spooky B. and Christian Church relocated to the subterranean crystal nexus that is Asheville, NC. There they spent two years honing their art and craft while unfurling a slew of EPs and singles, culminating in their debut LP, Spring I’m In, on San Diego’s Bleeding Gold Records.

Spring I'm In launches opportunely enough at the cusp of the season, but the recording process originally had Alligator Indian beginning work in their mountain retreat, the Rainbow Reservation, shortly after the summer release of their Football EP with Bleeding Gold. The resultant sound files came across like a worn out copy of Simon Reynold’s post-punk opus Rip It Up and Start Again dropped in a vat of lysergic acid diethylamide, if they may be so bold. And if'n they mayn't, let's just say it's pretty not so bad. The aural constructs begin with a blistering sci-fi tale of a world where tyrannical governments mandate who a citizen can become betrothed to. From there, themes and sounds shift between fuzzy post-pop, a cappella bursts of vocals, and industrial cries for contentment.

With all that being said, we ask that you lay down, place headphones around or within your ears, and allow Alligator Indian’s surreal pop to enthrall at least 3 of your 5 senses.

For press inquiries, contact Dwight Pavlovic @ sardanpavlov [at] gmail.com

For distribution, contact Roger Preston @ bleedinggoldrecords [at] gmail.com

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released April 23, 2012

All songs written, recorded, produced, and mixed by Alligator Indian at The Rainbow Reservation, Asheville, NC.

Artwork and vinyl layout by Jack Cusumano
Cassette layout by Dave Sheehan

Digital and vinyl mastered by Joe Goodwin @ Capricorn Mastering
Cassettes mastered by M. Geddes Gengras

Vinyl pressed by Pirate's Press, San Francisco, CA
Cassettes pressed by M2COM

All songs licensed exclusively by Bleeding Gold Records, San Diego, CA

All songs are © Harrison/Torrealba, 2012
All content is © Alligator Indian and Bleeding Gold Records, 2012




Alligator Indian Asheville, North Carolina

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Track Name: Our Love Was A Crime
They said our love was a crime
They said that two alike should be two apart
Then they smiled at us

They said our love was a crime
They said that the way we were born was a choice we made
Somewhere along the way
Then they screamed at us

They said our love was a crime
Then they built their walls so high
I guess it’s easier to bury us that way, in all of their misplace shame
Then they cried for us

They said our love was a crime

Can you believe that?
Track Name: Gamesss
I’m calling all the sheep out, it’s a subtle bloom
I’m ripping all his teeth out in the moonlight room

Hide the radio, hide the tune

You play your games
We played your games

I was born so many years ago
And I was told anything was possible
Yet as I grew, I learned you’d been untrue
Is this the world that you wanted for me?

We played your games
You play your games with all our lives
Track Name: Dark Fruit
Crawl up from the floor
Maggots at your nose
Eatin’ all your bones
I am, I am home

I made a sugar skull just for you, my sweet
I cuddled with a stone just to read your name

Bogie at your door
Never, ever more
Reaching for report
Live our lives in lore

As I say all of my goodbyes and go to sleep
I drift and decline, hold hands with Hades

In the summer, we would see
The burning down of all the trees
Things will die, but they’re reborn
The joy of watching kingdoms falling down
Track Name: +Vibes
Nowadays it seems to me
An endless stream of techno teens
Have made a scene of
Crying out their lying eyes
That’s why I know that I
Must take the time to hop online
And send them all my positive vibes

Send them all my positive vibes
I’ll send them all my positive vibes
I’ll hop online and send them all my positive vibes

With ease you can release
Any thoughts you think or please
Like those that gripe or those that matter
Me, I’d like to do the latter
So if you share yourself with strangers
Make sure it’s not despair or anger
Just send them all your positive vibes

Send them all your positive vibes
Just send them all your positive vibes
When you hop online just send them all your positive vibes
Track Name: Ice & Asteroids
Searchin’ tags for pizza tatts, chicks with cats, and some artful nudes
Call me the Beat the way I’m fillin’ my queue
Wanna save it for later so I can show it to you
Catch me browsin’ I got nothin’ to do
All day I dream about sex, well actually I mostly just dream about food
Download for free, pay for wax and tapes
Shit on my whole life, but no bad days
Catch me in the sewer cookin’ slimer on plates
If they ask who killed it tell ‘em one of the Greats
Y’all ain’t nothin’ but trolls and goblins
I’m an ogre with a club and it’s time for clobberin’

Why is swag so coveted when it’s stuff we all get
Pull a diamond out my ass cus I got some tight shit
Ima blast it, put it in your ass and smash it
Run up in the bank and yell “Where the cash at!”
Destroyin’ it, killin’ it, straight up Wesley Willis it
Killin’ it, destroyin’ it, call me Rod Blagojevich
Call me Jim Cramer, call me Diane Keaton
We ain’t hungry no more bruh, we eatin’
Attention all rappers, remember one thing:
You are absolutely nothing like Martin Luther King
While you’re gettin’ icy, watch me gettin’ spicy
Call me fourth meal the way I keep you up at night, d

Stay fancy
Track Name: Negator
Quiet cat has caught a mouse trap
Why can’t you count?
Don’t you have a heart?
With it will you dance?
Don’t you have a heart?
Tell me when you dance dance dance dance
Track Name: I Gave Myself A Science Lecture
Sorry I am lost again in my galaxy
Aurora Borealis is the kitchen light to me
Scientists and solar beams pave a way with ketamine
I am only in a dream, yes I am only in a dream

Oh there’s heaven in the way you look at me
I only wish we were celestial beings

Now gazing is subjective to the patterns we see
Calculating empires, animals, and greed
Crossing eyes, we’re rolling down magnetic fields
We’ll travel back in time even if we get ill

Clouds roll on, I’m captivated by the sound
I hear the sun burning in my mind
Track Name: A Clean Clown
If I were to fall asleep, would you come and follow me
To the place where thoughts recede, dreams to me are memories
And I can’t tell reality from fiction are the books I read
If you were to talk to me, it’s likely I’m not listening
But don’t take it too personally, I’m just busy being me

(Wolf howl)
I love you, Margret Farquar
(Wolf howl)
Mother killed the butler, speak and you flounder
(Wolf howl)
Clap your hands if you are a friend of bats
Track Name: Ectocooler
When I stay up all night, she’s always walkin’ by my side
When I’m itchin’ for a drag, she always passes me the bag
We eat dead dogs on the street, chew a hole until it bleeds
Ketchup oozing down the meat, dripping blood onto our feet

Trade a tab and see which one peaks sooner
Watch it spiral down into the sewer
Piss and paint it’s flowing red and bluer
We never spoke words any truer

I can’t wait to leave this town, drop my lighter, burn it down
Finish up this blackened hash, leave my footprints in the ash
We cut dogs off at the feet, watch for witches while they bleed
Ketchup oozing down the street, dripping drugs drowned deep in me

Read the raptors washed up on the shore
Leave the little bastards on the floor
Come to the window where the wind blows
Try to figure out just where the sun goes

La la la la la la la, la la la la la la la la
La la la la la la la, la la la la la la la la la

We cut dogs off at the feet, watch for witches while they bleed
Ketchup oozing down the street, dripping drugs drowned deep in me
We eat dead dogs on the street, even though I know they’re not good for me
Ketchup oozing down the meat, dripping blood onto our feet
Track Name: Pulpo
Rain came down, I was wet
Sign ahead warned cyclists of train tracks
Much too late, I noticed the groove
Wheel locked in, I was flying

Body collapses, slid down the asphalt
Skin ground, bones bruise
Head spinning, hands bleeding
Cars pass me by

Head spinning, hands bleeding, I’m slipping
Cars pass me by
Rain falling, I was wet, I was bleeding

Tengo un pulpo
Track Name: Gnarwhal
Wish I were a narwhal
Oh how I wish I were something more

Oh how I wish you were so much happier

Actually, it’s not
I saw it on my wall;
Violet skin and dorsal fin?
A halo on his head?
I knew which way he was goin’;
His blue tusk was showin’
All the way to heaven

All whales go to heaven